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Ultrasonic Cavitation

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Ultrasonic Cavitation

What is Ultrasonic Cavitation?

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a safe, fast, pain-free and non-invasive way to permanently remove localised areas of body fat and cellulite. Ultrasound Cavitation breaks down the fat cell walls and ‘melts’ the fat within, the effect achieved is a smooth, surface texture. Cavitation is a method of liposuction, which destroys fat cells by using low frequency sound waves. Once the fat cells are destroyed, the fat is discharged between the cells where they are turned into protein and then changed to free fatty acids and glycerol, which is then removed from the body via the body’s natural lymphatic system.

Who is Ultrasonic Cavitation for?

It is intended for the treatment of localised areas of body fat. If you are a bit overweight but your weight has remained stable for some time, or you are on a weight loss program, this treatment will speed up the fat loss process and reshape the body contour. It is also very effective for cellulite. Cavitation is the perfect treatment for people who want to contour their body and regain their confidence and figure. A thorough consultation will be carried out to ensure this is the right treatment for you.

Who cannot have the procedure?

If you suffer with any of the following you are not suitable for treatment: Pregnancy, Breast feeding, Liver dysfunction (hepatitis, cirrhosis), Kidney dysfunction, Metallic implants, Pacemaker. If you bruise easily or are taking anti-coagulation therapy, Cancer, Heart disease, Hearing disorders or Epilepsy. If you suffer with any conditions or take any medications which increase sensitivity to heat or cold.

How does it work and how long does it take?

The ultrasound energy is absorbed in the fat layer and disrupts fat cell walls, the vibrations cause the fat cells to implode through a process known as cavitation. The contents (tri-glycerides and glycerol) are ‘melted’. The fluid fat is readily expelled through the broken walls of the fat cells. The fluid fats combine with albumen and are transported in the blood stream to be metabolised by the liver. The broken fat cells are then dispersed by the lymphatic and urinary system. Treatment takes around 40 minutes.

What results will I see, and when?

Most clients will see the effects immediately after the treatment. You will be measured immediately before and after treatment, which enables you to see any immediate changes. Results vary from person to person depending
on individual circumstances, but proper diet, and adequate water intake along with physical exercise can improve and maintain the results. More ‘loss’ usually occurs in the days/weeks after treatment. Typically between 1 and 3 inches are lost each session, however it could be anywhere between a 1-8 inch loss depending on the area being treated and the amount of sessions carried out.

How many treatments will I need and where can be treated?

This depends on a client’s individual needs, however larger treatment areas may require more sessions. So anywhere between 1 and 12 sessions may be required, this is all dependent on a client’s desired results, along with age, amount of fat, metabolism, hormonal imbalance and any medications. Most clients receive optimum results after 4-8 sessions. Treatments must be carried out at least 72 hours apart. You can be treated on any part of the body where a localized fat store resides, tummy, arms, thighs, buttocks are some of the most common areas but not the only areas that can be treated.

Can I return to a normal regime straight away?

As this is a non-invasive treatment there is no down-time what so ever, treatment is generally considered painless, however some can hear a ringing sound in their ears due to the ultrasound waves but these are completely harmless and disappear as soon as treatment ends. It is very rare but you could experience slight swelling and bruising, and occasionally some redness but due to it being non-invasive your normal regime can continue straight away.

What aftercare is needed?

To assist the body’s natural metabolic process, we firmly advise you to drink at least 2 litres of water each day for 10 – 14 days. Try to avoid alcohol for 10 – 14 days after treatment. Any cardio-vascular exercise taken after treatment may enhance the effects.

Are results permanent?

Yes, as long as a client does not put excessive weight on causing an increase in the size of the remaining fat cells, the fat cells that have been extinguished cannot regenerate, therefore meaning providing an active and healthy lifestyle is maintained the results are permanent.

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